There’s a lot to discuss following an asthma diagnosis…

We’ve developed a consultation guide to support discussion with new asthma patients with the help of simple visuals.

There is a patient side and an HCP side to this guide, sectioned by topic (e.g. ‘your diagnosis’, ‘your symptoms’) and tabbed for easy navigation.

The view for the patients aims to engage them with important information following a diagnosis and makes it easier for them to remember key points. The HCP view includes a small image of what the patient is looking at and suggested topics which might be useful to explore with them. The content has been designed to help to ensure your patients feel well-informed and ready to manage their asthma effectively.

The booklet can be used with a patient (or relative or carer) at any time, but may be of most use after first diagnosis. The content aligns with the patient booklet and self-management plan so can act as a reminder of what’s been discussed during consultations.

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This project was initiated and funded by Teva Respiratory. Teva have had no influence over content. Topics and content have been selected and written by independent experts.