Making a plan for managing COPD…

We’ve developed a template plan to help you to build a record of personalised information for your patients which they can keep and refer to for optimal long-term self-management.

The plan allows you to fill in medication dosages with personalised goals and guidance on how they can keep control of their COPD. It also aims to help patients assess their own symptoms in line with the RCP scale of breathlessness, so they know when they should speak to their HCP about worsening exacerbations.

By encouraging collaborative development of achievable and measureable goals, this plan aims to motivate patients to take control of their COPD.

The booklets can be given to any patient (or relative or carer) at any time, but may be of most use after first diagnosis. The content aligns with the new patient consultation guide and patient booklet, so can act as a reminder of what’s been discussed during consultations.

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