Helping asthma patients to keep track…

We’ve created a booklet to provide guidance on using a peak flow meter, why it’s important and a template diary to help patients record and monitor their readings over time.

Within this short booklet, the introductory pages include a section for the patient to fill in their personal and medication details, as well as an explanation of how to use a meter properly and why it’s an important measurement. It also includes a blank 6 month diary, where the patient can fill in their peak flow meter recordings.

This booklet aims to help patients keep a record of how their control has varied over previous weeks and months. It’s more reliable than patient recall, and gives an insight into potential inhaler technique or adherence issues which could help them to better manage their asthma.

This booklet can be used by a patient (or relative or carer) at any time, but may be especially useful when anything in the patient’s care plan has changed (new treatment added in, medication stepped down etc.), or after an attack, to help identify any improvement or worsening in lung function.

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This project was initiated and funded by Teva Respiratory. Teva have had no influence over content. Topics and content have been selected and written by independent experts.